Auro Liquid Gold is Healthy Mineral Water

Auro Liquid Gold is composed of silicate Sulfate ionic trace minerals. This unique combination of minerals enables you to restore any freshwater source to its purified, highly oxygenated, super hydrating, living mineral spring, natural state instantly.

The best part, with Auro Liquid Gold, there is no complicated processes. You don’t need to purchase expensive filters. Since a complex system such as reverse osmosis isn’t required, neither is a plumber. All it takes is a few drops of Auro Liquid Gold, and optionally a gravity-fed filtration system.

Simple is always better. Add a few drops of Auro Liquid Gold minerals to your water or any type of water-based drink, such as coffee, tea, juices, etc. per cup. This will purify the water and render harmful contaminants inert while separating them from the water. If you prefer, filter out the sediment (undissolved contaminants) with any type of mechanical filtration device on the market today or our convenient gravity-fed earth filter.

Don’t rely on a mechanical water filtration device alone. Most of the contaminants found completely dissolved in freshwater sources will pass right through the filter into your drinking water. Water treated with Auro Liquid Gold first will make your water filtration device as effective as it can be.

Auro Liquid Gold restores your “dead water” such as bottled spring water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, “smart water”, etc. into living water. This living water is restructured back to a natural state with contaminants removed or reduced to undetectable levels. Auro Liquid Gold water is 34% more hydrating than these so call purified waters.

You will easily see and taste the quality of drinking water purified with Auto Liquid Gold. These all-natural, volcanic, magnetically charged water purifying, correcting, and restoring minerals are symbiotic with all freshwater in nature. These same minerals are responsible in nature for keeping our earth’s water pristine and oxygenated and able to allow life to thrive.

Auro Liquid Gold mimics this technology of nature. Nature always had the answers, especially when it comes to water. These times are the most mineral deficient that we have seen here on earth. This deficiency’s symptoms are seen exponentially in all forms of life, including human Auro Liquid Gold provides up to 102 essential ionic trace minerals that have been missing from our diets for years. The trace minerals maximize all enzymatic and catalytic functions of cells present in all freshwater creatures. Auro Liquid Gold minerals provide an exact match for the human genome.

Feel the difference. Drink Auro Liquid Gold purified water.